Industries & Applications

Drives can be found in almost every area in a wide variety of applications, such as medical technology / pharmaceutical industry, pumps, building technology, automation technology, printing / textile / paper industry, thermostat / laboratory technology, power electronics and sensors / accessories.


Everything that needs to be moved, rotated, lifted or positioned can be implemented with electric drives. For example, we supply BLDC motor solutions where it is specified how the motor should rotate.

The market is demanding solutions.

The market demands solutions whose requirements we meet. This includes individuality as well as flexible know-how.

The combination enables the individual progress of the customer. We supply the drive according to your specifications also in combination of motor – gear – sensor – brake or clutch. Depending on the requirements, we lay out the appropriate drive and offer the optimal system solution.



Intralogistics combines the areas of material flow technology and conveyor technology.

In these two areas, we can provide you with optimum support and design a drive concept for your specific application.

Mechanical Engineering

Our ECI motors for precise servo applications can also be considered for machines and systems. The ECI motors convince with short cycle times, precise positioning, exact speed profiles and reproducible motion sequences combined with a long service life and low noise. These are criteria that represent important characteristics of applications for mechanical engineering, handling, packaging and textile machinery.

In packaging technology and the textile industry, they enable optimum adaptation of winding and winding drives to the materials used with adjustable speed torque limitation and precise speed control.

For systems in the field of conveying, transport or automation, our motors integrated in bus systems are ideal for format adjustment or as feed drives.