About b-drives®

We at b-drives “move” everything that needs to be moved at your company. To do this, we develop state-of-the-art drive solutions that drive your application.

Together with you, we develop your perfect drive solution that exactly fits your requirements.
With our own development and research department we create innovative new solutions.

Our latest product is our wheel drive system, the eWheel.
It was developed and designed specifically for the requirements of use in automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

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b-drives® eWheel - drive system for AGVs

b-drives® eWheel


Our latest product is our b-drives® eWheel – a wheel drive system for automated guided vehicles, also abbreviated AGV.

Here you will get an insight into our modular system around our wheel drive for AGVs.

This consists of a BLDC motor, a planetary gear, a running wheel, a brake, Hall sensors and an encoder.

In addition, there are other optional extensions so that you can get the complete drive system for your automated guided vehicle (AGV) from a single source.

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System solutions: Drives for your individual requirements

Drive solutions


We can offer you a wide range of motors for almost all drive applications and this completely tailored to your requirements. We can design drive solutions consisting of motors including gearbox, brake, encoder, electronics and control technology.

Starting from mere plug assembly to the development of a customized motor solution up to complex drive groups.