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Wheel drive system for AGVs – Compact. Complete. eWheel
Are you a manufacturer or developer of automated guided vehicles or autonomous mobile robots?
The b-drives® eWheel is the perfect wheel drive system to meet the specifications of your AGV. It consists of a modular system from which you can combine your optimal wheel drive system:
– 4 motor sizes up to 750W rated power.
– 2 voltages (24V/48V)
– 3 reduction ratios (i=11, i=20, i=30)
– 3 wheel diameters (140mm, 160mm, 200mm)
– 3 braking torques (1Nm to 3Nm)
– Further additional options such as a safety encoder or compatibility with the Simatic Micro-Drive
– Furthermore we offer the suitable control electronics with SafeTorqueOff (PLd) as dual axis controller for control via CANopen and voltages up to 60V

Typically, the requirements such as weights or speeds of the AGV change in the course of development. Due to the modularity of the construction kit, the b-drives® eWheel can easily be adapted to your new requirements without the need for changes to the AGV.
The payload of the b-drives® eWheel is 500kg per wheel and speeds of over 3.5 m/s can be achieved.
Another smart unique selling point of the b-drives® eWheel is its unique ease of maintenance. By loosening just three screws, the wheel can be changed in just a few seconds. Dabei werden alle Verschleißteile, wie das Rad, die Lager, Fett und auch das Getriebe in einem Montageschritt gewechselt. Thus, a change of the wheel unit takes less than 2 minutes.

We haven’t convinced you yet?
Then take a look at the compactness of the system. We offer a complete wheel drive unit consisting of motor, encoder, brake, gearbox and wheel from an overall length of 109mm. This leaves enough space in the vehicle for electronics, batteries, etc.

Who claims this?
B-drives® is a brand of Breuell & Hilgenfeldt GmbH. Here we offer specialized knowledge and products in the field of drive technology for your application. With over 10 years of experience in the design, control and application of electric drives and custom drive solutions. The team of b-drives® supports you with the selection of the eWheel and additionally helps with the commissioning on site.

You can also read the article in the FTS/AGV-FACTS magazine (04-2021), which came out at the end of December 2021.