Discover our company history

We at b-drives® “move” everything that needs to be moved at your company. To do this, we develop state-of-the-art drive solutions that power your application.

The company history of b-drives® begins as a brand of Breuell & Hilgenfeldt GmbH. Here we offer you specialised knowledge and products in the field of drive technology for your application. With over 10 years of experience in the design, control and application of electric drives. In the field of customised drive solutions, we also professionally implement your requirements according to your specifications. From the motor with cable and connector to a completely customised drive solution consisting of gearbox, motor, brake, controller and software, we can realise your project.

With our own development and research department, we create innovative new solutions.

We already supply numerous customers from the mechanical engineering and intralogistics sectors with optimally customised drive systems.

eWheel is our latest product, which comes up with many innovative ideas.

This was specially developed by b-drives as a wheel drive system for automated guided vehicles.