eWheel XL - Size XL of the wheel drive for automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

Our eWheel size XL is our large motor for maximum power and high vehicle speeds for your AGV application.

The drive system motor is IP54 rated and is a dynamic internal rotor with 4 pole pairs.

It also contains a 1024 increment encoder and hall sensors.

This means that our eWheel has a redundant encoder system and by balancing both signals, appropriate electronics can reliably detect the speed (SLS and SDI).

Furthermore, our eWheel XL is also extremely overload capable with a low moment of inertia.

b-drives® eWheel - wheel drive for AGVs

Take a look at the adjacent film about the eWheel. Here you can see all our key facts at a glance. Thereby 2 eWheel are shown in one AGV. The control of our double axis controller, which can also be seen there, is done with CANopen.

Motor designXL - On-board voltage 48V
Gearbox varianti11i20i30
Gear reduction11,420,030,0
Nominal voltage [V]48
Nominal current [Aeff]18
Maximum current [Aeff]39
Maximum torque [Nm]3470100
Parking brake torque [Nm]356090
Payload per wheel [Kg]500500500
Wheel/motor protection classIP69/IP54IP69/IP54IP69/IP54
with wheel Ø (m / s)
Ø 140 mm2,61,51,0
Ø 160 mm2,91,71,1
Ø 200 mm3,72,11,4

Product brochure - Wheel drive for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) b-drives® eWheel

Here you can download our current product brochure for our wheel drive.

In it you will find detailed information on our flexible modular system, both general and technical information on the individual variants.

If you do not see your requirements illustrated, please do not hesitate to contact us!

wheel drive system fpr agv, amr
wheel drive system for agv
drives for AGV

Additional options

Wheel covering

Our standard wheel covering is Vulkollan® 92° Shore A, but other wheel coverings of Vulkollan® 70° Shore A or other crowns are also conceivable and possible. Vulkollan® is a polyurethane traded by Covestro AG. Other materials and Shore hardnesses proven in intralogistics are also possible.

Please contact us and we will check your requirements for the wheel covering.

wheels of a wheel drive system for agv

Mounting flange

We offer with our eWheel the possibilities that you can mount it either from the outside or from the inside of the vehicle itself. This type of mounting is always given and is part of our standard program.

You make the selection of the mounting direction, whether you want to screw the eWheel from the outside or from the inside. On this basis, we then select the appropriate mounting flange in production.

In addition, we can also offer you a standardized mounting bracket for our eWheel to conveniently mount our eWheel under your vehicle chassis. This way, you can simply screw the AGV on above our eWheel.

Montage Antrieb in FTS

Drive controller

Our double axis controller has STO (Safe Torque Off) according to PL e and can therefore be a component of your functional safety concept for your AGV. The controller is voltage resistant up to 60V at a peak current of 60A. Our standard interface of the double axis controller is CANopen. So you need one dual axis controller for two eWheel per AGV.

For further information please contact us!

Functional safety

In normal operation, the eWheel's BLDC motor brakes generatively, feeding energy back into the battery or to other consumers. For safety-oriented emergency braking, the eWheel has a mechanical holding brake with emergency stop function.

The transmission amplifies the braking torque accordingly so that the vehicle comes to a safe stop even in unfavorable operating situations. We can adapt the nominal braking torque to your application. For functional safety on the electronic side, the eWheel offers the following options:

Solution with STO

Redundant encoder systemfor SLS and SDI

Solution with SLS und SDI through safe encoder

Solution with SLS and SDI with Siemens MicroDrive-PDC