planetary gear

Planetary gear

We offer a wide range of high-quality planetary gearheads in sizes from 42mm to 180mm and nominal torques up to 950 Nm.

While numerous options such as low backlash, increased axial and radial loads or stainless steel gears are already standard, we also implement very low-threshold customer-specific adaptations such as extended bearing distances, extended planetary gears or customer-specific output shafts, mounting hole circles or centering collars.

Worm gear

Our worm gear units are available in sizes 20 and 30 and in reduction ratios from 5:1 to 80:1.

We also offer you low-threshold customer-specific adaptations for our worm gear units, such as different housing geometries, output shafts, noise optimization or variants made of stainless steel.

In combination with our wide range of motors, we offer you the ideal solution for you.

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Special gearbox

Whether worm planetary gear units, parallel shaft gear units, helical worm gear units or double worm gear units: We design the optimum special gear unit for your application.

For this purpose, we select the suitable motor from our extensive motor range and thus arrive at the ideal drive solution for you.

flat gearbox