Options for Functional Safety for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

In normal operation, the BLDC motor of the eWheel brakes generatively and thus feeds energy back into the battery or to other consumers. For safety-oriented emergency braking, the eWheel has a mechanical holding brake with emergency stop function.

The transmission amplifies the braking torque accordingly so that the vehicle comes to a safe stop even in unfavorable operating situations. We can adapt the nominal braking torque to your application. For functional safety on the electronic side, the eWheel offers the following options:

Solution with STO

The double-axis drive controller has STO in accordance with PL e. This means that the torque of two drives can be switched off via a safe channel (for example from a safe PLC). Of course, it is possible to trigger the holding brakes together with the STO.

Redundant encoder system for SLS and SDI

The motors each have two independent encoder systems as standard:

  1. Hall sensors for commutation
  2. High-resolution incremental encoder for closed-loop control

By balancing both signals with appropriate electronics, the speed can be reliably detected from a functional point of view.

Solution with SLS and SDI through safe encoder

As a further option, we offer the attachment of a safe encoder to the eWheel. The possible designs are sin/cos encoders, TTL or HTL incremental encoders. These signals can be evaluated in corresponding modules of the safety controllers.

Solution with SLS and SDI with Siemens MicroDrive-PDC

Optionally, the eWheel can be equipped with motors that are compatible with the MicroDrive PDC from Siemens. By using the PDC-F series from Siemens, a variety of safety functions are automatically available via PROFIsafe.

Motor kompatibel zu Siemens MicroDrive
SIL3, ple pld, performancelevel Funktionale Sicherheit